Cooler Bags & Lunch Bags

What is a cooler bag?

Cooler bag is a kind of bag with constant temperature function, which can keep cold and heat. The thermal insulation layer of the cooler bag is PE insulation cotton and aluminum foil material, which has outstanding heat insulation effect. The fabric is generally made of Oxford or Nylon, which is strong and wear-resistant. The cooler bag has a portable, lightweight and stylish design. The food and drink can be kept fresh for a long time. It’s perfect for picnics, beach trips or even keeping your lunch fresh and cool.

CLB01 Thermal Bags Picnic Bags

CLB02 Insulated Bag

CLB03 Cooler Backpack

Lunch Bags

LHB01 Cooler Lunch Bag

LHB02 Insulated Lunch Bag

LHB03 Lunch Tote Bag